Shell-We ReDesign

In Shell-We there were several powerful functions and interactions but there were also some ambiguiy within some aspects . So according to the feedbakcs and our evaluation we tried to solve the problems without change the main concept.

Regarding our target group, there’s an important triangle that holds main aspects of the interaction that this product should have.

So we tried to take every detail of interaction and function intoo account.

 We also gave the ability of navigation through the previous images to the product. So we have to deal with the method that suits with our target group behavior and context.




After evaluating the selected concept, now it’s time to generate pragmatic ideas about it.

We start to finalize the product with concern on users’ perspective and their conext.

To achieve a better understanding in ergonomics and product interface an initial D model was made.


…and more discussion about the final prototype!


The final concept is titled "Shell-We?".

It’s a product that ables elderlies to share their pictures with a imited amount of relatives.

The "Shell and Purl" metaphore, provoke the persiousness feeling of the photos, notes and everything that users can share.

Check out the storyboard: