User test – Ank

After the Nutcracking and the postcard weeks we had an user test with Ank. Ank is the "tester/user" of an already existing product: Snowglobe.
Snowglobe was designed by our supervisor, Thomas Visser and it is a product similar to the Anemone.
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After the StandAlone week, we decided to test our prototype in order to find "holes" in our concept, following these two main questions:
– Can two people communicate each other only by sending and receiving gestures?
 – Can we design a mediator that lets the people develops their own norms of communications?
 The Testing Method:
Two people are sitting in front of each other looking at the Teddy Bear.
One person give signals to the counter part, by making gestures thinking about explicit messages (ex. "I love you" or "Hello!).
 The receaver will get the signal where lights are return on the position on the body according to the gestures.
Each partecipants write down what they have sent/interpreted, trying to compare it.
 The following video shows how we did it..
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The test results shows that it is hard to understand and communicate each other only by sending and receaving gestures.
This means that we needed another concept…
coming next —-> THE ANEMONE


  March 5th
Our Waag2-Team went to the next iteration after the feedback with the other Waag-Teams and our supervisors. We decided to use our previous puppet-concept as a tool to explore the possibilities of interaction in the scenario of a grandmother not having a computer and her grandson using Facebook daily. When we got a little bit stuck in discussions and conceptualising of the ways how to use the human senses for communication and the possible directions of in- and output, we had some role play sessions. From that we gained rich information which we planned to use in the next week. Now we had a concept, and some of us went for the material which was needed. Our programmer attended the Master classes to get the knowledge to bring the prototype to an advanced level.
March 10th
We were having a short and very fruitful meeting, deciding how many magnetic sensors, metal pieces and magnets were needed and where to place them in the teddy-prototype to accomplish the meaningful postures we gained from our roleplay session and conceptualizing during the last week. As well we decided how the teddy should look like in the end and how to create symbols to make the functions of our prototype understandable to users and to keep a level of  individualisation. We made an allocation of tasks between us members to be able to work individually and deliver the prototype scheduled from person to person for the fine tuning. We will meet coming Friday after the lecture to bring our prototype of the standalone iteration to completion for this week.
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Facebook – Simon – Waag2

Hei Folks! Welcome to WAAG 2 blog
During this months you can see our works!


Simons Says through Facebook – having a family member create the sequence for you instead of a computer, the grandson makes a sequence for his grandmother on his onw computer in facebook, the grandmother recieves and plays the sequence, sending her own sequence back afterwards.