Final Exhibition!!!

Goodbye ITD…
The final exhibition was done on July 2, 2010. We got a lot of visitors and feedback!!!
The remarks that users gave for the improvement:
• Make a clearer use- cue, for some users are confused in the way to interact with the product
• The product can be use in more general place, not necessarily in toilet, since user wants to be capable of playing
with it anywhere
• The color change of the light in the prototype needs to be done smoother, for in some part the color can be striking
diff erent from the whole package of concept
• Turn on/ off the product automati cally when user come and leave from the toilet 
The Remarks from PHILIPS, our Client:  
Philips was pleasantly surprised that we managed to build a working prototype.
They said that we found a good applicati on for gesture control, everyone knows it is possible but there was no convincing
reason to use it, ti ll now.
Now a day’s people spent a lot of ti me inside. There are more places in for example a offi ce where there is no window,
so for that development this lamp can be a soluti on.
They could also imagine it in a baby room, to check on the baby or when changing its dipper.
Questi ons about the shape where asked and answers, for example, why the square, no rounded corners and the
straight cavity. They suggested to place the front panel not directly to the bars, because of a diff erent light eff ect. 
And our Self- Evaluation:
In order to create a good concept that can be realize in the course, three main cores were made as considerati on in
the design process; interacti on, technology, and design, that infl uence each other. The way of interacti on determined
the technology. Direct interacti on leads to pressure sensor, and interacti on without a touch leads to gesture sensor.
Gesture control determine the product’s shape, while the components inside determine the size of the product.
As a practi cal designer, those factors has to be taken into account to create a successful product. The fi nal product of
our group is made based on those considerati ons, conti nuously developed during the ITD course. 

Final Poster 


The Final Prototype

The final prototype is a wall lamp for in the toilet. Its color and intensity are adjustable and
change from night to dawn to daylight. This can be done by moving your hand through the cavity. It is also possible to
quickly select a color, by placing your hand in the right positi on. The lamp stays on the preferred color and intensity
when the hand is pulled back. Turning the lamp of is done by completely moving your hand out of the cavity. 

iterarion 2- Standalone



Hacking Workshop 

Hi there,

In 3 weeks long we will do ‘standalone’ iteration; started from ‘hacking workshop’, ‘ideas generation’, and ended with ‘second presentation’. In the presentation, we’ll have our prototype with awsome concept!

Week 1 iteration 2 – Hacking Workshop 

In Hacking workshop, we ‘hack’ several stuff and re-implant it in our new revolusionary product. It was a fun & interesting workshop…

What we HACKED:

– An Mp3 player

-Douwe Egberts Cup

-Our Previous Model 🙂

What we HAVE after:

A beautiful wall lamp; with the concept of  "flower", which will be physically extending by our interaction with the lamp.



How we use it:

1. Push the lamp to get it turned-on; you can push it in different pressure to adjust the intensity

2. Rotate it to change the color








Road to Second Presentation

After  experiencing ‘Hacking Workshop’ in the previous week; It’s the time to prepare for the second presentation. The assignment is to create suitable concept for ‘Lirio by Philips’.

The Concept

We begun the discussion by deciding the place where the lamp will be added. After long discussion, we decided to make a ‘toilet lamp’, though we’re still open for another placement for our lamp.

Why toilet?

We are all agree that toilet is the place that always need a lighting, because generally, toilet doesn’t has window for the natural light to get in. We want to create natural lighting experience in the toilet, that is different from the lighting that exists nowadays.

Explain More?

The final concept we draw is a ‘window lighting’ with natural ‘day and night’ light.  We also want to create the natural interaction between users and product; in which the light comes in when user open the window.