Exact Two Presents… Ta Daaa!!!






Ta daaaa! We want to thank all the people in EXACT building who came and saw our prototype; to all the people there who where so kind and appreciate the work we have done; to all the people there who liked our concept! 


The client found the concept original and it was a goodanswer to the research question generated by the client. They also said thatthey liked the changes we made during the development of the concept. Briefly,the final design was appreciated and some even suggested to implement the ideato the upper floors and workplaces.


that’s all folks!

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The Post Finale

ENDING PART/GOODBYE PARTfinalversion_posterfunalsecondposter
bye bye!We will send you a message in a bottle, soon or later! 🙂
message in a bottle from people to us:

Overall many users liked our concept. They especially liked the fact that it can generate abnormal confrontations in a fun way. They also liked the design of the bottles. and the methaphor. One user at the faculty said that she really liked our concept since she had always problems while sitting on a long table to communicate with people seated far away from her. The EXACT Message in a bottle idea was the best solution for her problem. All of the users like the random turning on the microphones and the speakers because people now will be triggered to interact with each other in a very easy and simple way. Users were also very positive towards the idea sitting next to each other, all together on one table, as a family.

However, some people asked whether it was possible to have an off button. Others were wondering whether the product will be obtrusive to some.  However, when they learned that the main proposal was like that (even if we did not show in the prototype), they were content about it. Also few did not recognize the microphones at the first sight