Media 4 – Final prototype

It is our final prototype here. You can see what kind elements we used inside our "stop box",

and how we made them:P

 The "lights floor"- contains 16 led lights which will guide player’s position on the floor.

 two lines———-one red line(for player 1), one blue line (for player 2)

The box~4 fabric walls and 1 ceiling

several holes for watching inside


The selector -which you can choose your game and difficulty

inside and outside———-connect the players and the other visitors in a Childisc way.

 Wires~connect the led lights, webcamera, selector, spotlights, speakers and programme together.

Welcome to our "stop box"~




Media 4-Meeting Building & Testing

Last friday, we  finished building the frame of the room, and go on making details inside.

In the morning, we joined the triage meeting with other teams and made a short presentation,

everything has went well so far, and the programme with lighting interaction worked as well as

we designed. Then, in the afternoon, we go to the next step- make the stop box come true~


As the fabric’s transparence, we improved our white screen(the one for showing movie with beamer)

Again, Lotte "drived" her sewing machine finalized the screen building.

At the same time, Rutmer got to the ending part of the programme’s building. Later, after

the scrren be built, Lotte and Rutmer recorded a new version of the sound for guiding. 

After Annet and Anne finished the lighting floor and selective board’s building, we started to assemble our"Stop Box"


We used some connectwares for connecting all the walls and the ceiling.The holes on the walls are funny:P


 Did you find the swing ghost’s hand?


 And then, after the box’s building, we did a short tesing with beamer to see if the quality of the white

screen is good enough~~~yeah, it is! The final week, all the inside hardwares will be finished, and all

the softwares(Max5 and Flash) will be checked, of course all the report things… blog things…poster and

flyer things~~~~The exhibition is coming~



Here is the version 2 of our poster from Xiang, the flyer and poster are still on their way, we will see them

in the coming exhibition day~

Finalize the programme and test the lights

Today, we went on our hard working with all the crazy IO festival things surround us.

It came to the finalization part of the project, the movies, pragrammes, lights, walls all

came to the ending phase. And we also start to prepare making poster and flyer for

the final presentation.

– Solder all the leds
– Explore possibilities for the shared folder (together with
– Start with the report
– Start to make reflective background for lights.


– Finish the led part of the max program
– Explore the possibilities for the shared folder (together with
– Try out the screen that Lotte supplied
– Test the leds connecting


Anne & Lotte:
– Build & Paint the floor 
– Make the white frames for the holes



– Start to make the poster and flyer for final presentation
– Edit photos & Update the blog

 Our magic Stopmotion Cube will be built in next week!

Start Building!!



We want to give the attraction a clean look (shown in the picture) and try to realize this by making the ‘Room’ of wood and black and white fabric. By the wholes in the wall persons from outside can watch the stopmotion process inside the ‘Room’.

This Friday we started with building the ‘Room’. We bought wood and fabric and started with the frames. Before doing that we created a solidworks model in order to determine the sizes. Lotte and Anne worked as a team in this process.

Since the blue screen was finished we were able to test the MAX MSP part that rutmer created this week. It worked!! (At the top of the picture)

Xiang, our graphical expert, continued with the visuals that we use in the stop motion movies. Last week we completed the Loekie, with one shadow/person movie and this week Xiang started with the storyline of Buurman en Buurman, with two shadows/persons (At the left-right of the picture).

Rutmer finished the MAX MSP part where the pictures, token by the webcam, are translated into a movie. In this process we use a blue screen (behind the person) that will be automatically replaced by a Loekie background in MAX MSP. 

Annet helped the whole group with building the Room and meanwhile supervised all the tasks that have to be done.

After the presentations we have been testing our concept. Four users went in our test set-up and tried out our Loekie room. Two girl students, two boy students and a teacher played the stop motion movie with Lookie. In general people really liked to paly around. Peter said: "I like it a lot, its fun to have some hard positions between the dias so there is some challenge" and Doris said: "The movie is cool, I did not see clearly what I was doing untill I saw the movie afterwards". Although there were some aspects that we could aprove. The over all conclusions for inprovement were :

·      Picturesshould be taken automatically

·      Weshould keep in mind that also some older people will be in the attraction.Therefore the time in between the pictures should be more than 3 seconds.

·      Itshould be possible to choose to do the stop motion action with more than oneperson.

·      Positionsshould fit every age.

·      Someextra guiding is preferred. For instance footsteps on the floor or on the wall.

·      Theperson needs some feedback when a picture is taken and when a new picture willbe taken.

·      Somehowthe person should be able to see what he is playing with Loekie.

·      Theshadow should be more detailed.


Concept Presentation

Concept Presentation 

This week we had the presentation of the concept to the representative of Beeld en Geluid. Here is a collage of the day:




The presentation of our working prototype went very well, nevertheless we had to use our prerecorded movie, because one of the things that didn’t work was one simple click because the mouse pointer was not on a correct button. A shame, but still with the prerecorded movie the concept became very clear. Even better, positive feedback was received about the concept, as it fitted playing in groups and the link to media. Still need some work to create the perfect installation!!

Process of new concept week 8 – 10


Media 4 is building the prototype ‘Loekie’! 

This week we continued with building the prototype of the

concept for week 8 – 10.

Last week is decided that we will use Adobe Flash in order

to process the pictures into short movies. Rutmer, Anne and

Lotte made the visual materials and made a functional flash

program of it. Xiang and Annet gave attention to the presentation

and brainstormed about further possible developments.

For the presentation we prepare a setting that shows the experiences.

As extra a demonstration will be shown.










Project Standalone

Project standalone, week 4 and 5, is here!


From brainstorming we came up with some interesting ideas.

The idea that we worked out for these weeks was about the future.

In the museum now all the past and present media are present, but somethings

about how exciting the future can be were missing! So we came up with this futuristic setting

all in white, which simulates a weird living room. Some coloured objects are there, when touched

or moved the environment of light, sound, and visuals will change. The interaction is however

totally unexpected. When more people are in the room the idea is that they will try to find the connections

therefore getting the feeling that they collaborate with other people. The futuristic setting is also a sereen

place where people come to rest at the end of the journey through the museum. So when they go home

after the visit, they will think about those weird interactions, and then they will think about how those interactions

with media will be in the future  and what they could expect!



 And this is the setup for presentation, everything worked again!