Iteration 5 Prototype – Friday 28 May

use we
could not finish all the explorations we would like to make last week, we
continued with the plan we made. Another important thing was the presentation
for Philips. They were interested in the progress we made and the results of
the user tests, but especially in the product as we would like to develop it at
this stage. The most interesting products are going to be picked out, and
researched by the marketing department, whether it is possible and interesting
to submit for a patent and a product protection. Unfortunately Philips still
thinks of our product as being a state of art, which is not simplistic, and
therefore not immediately appropriate and feasible in the Philips brand. But
the good news is that after the presentation about the new concept, they would
like to submit our product for product protection too! Because our interaction
is innovative!

The rest of the day we spent to finish the visualizations,
the 3d modeling part and exploring about the electronic issues the product has.
The results are summarizes in the following pictures.




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