NUTCRACKING: Idea generation

As designers, it’s normal to be stuck! After several
meeting we were pretty worried but always convinced to come up with a
good and sentitive idea for our users. After the umpteenth discussion
without any very valuable conclusion we decided to have a break from
the faculty enjoyng the dutch shy sun. While we were sit on the grass
in front of the faculty, we start commenting how the spring was coming and how the trees were flourishing in the campus. In that moment, our concept’s idea finally arrived.

Why don’t you make flourish a tree through the interaction of our users?

Can a tree become a common object our users can interact with and take care of?


The main idea is to provide to each elderly that lives in the residence an interactive wall paper tree.

We were initially inspired from the project "Heat-sensitive wallpaper" made by Shi Yuan.

  As the temperature rises, flowers bloom on the vine-covered paper.