iterarion 2- Standalone



Hacking Workshop 

Hi there,

In 3 weeks long we will do ‘standalone’ iteration; started from ‘hacking workshop’, ‘ideas generation’, and ended with ‘second presentation’. In the presentation, we’ll have our prototype with awsome concept!

Week 1 iteration 2 – Hacking Workshop 

In Hacking workshop, we ‘hack’ several stuff and re-implant it in our new revolusionary product. It was a fun & interesting workshop…

What we HACKED:

– An Mp3 player

-Douwe Egberts Cup

-Our Previous Model 🙂

What we HAVE after:

A beautiful wall lamp; with the concept of  "flower", which will be physically extending by our interaction with the lamp.



How we use it:

1. Push the lamp to get it turned-on; you can push it in different pressure to adjust the intensity

2. Rotate it to change the color








Road to Second Presentation

After  experiencing ‘Hacking Workshop’ in the previous week; It’s the time to prepare for the second presentation. The assignment is to create suitable concept for ‘Lirio by Philips’.

The Concept

We begun the discussion by deciding the place where the lamp will be added. After long discussion, we decided to make a ‘toilet lamp’, though we’re still open for another placement for our lamp.

Why toilet?

We are all agree that toilet is the place that always need a lighting, because generally, toilet doesn’t has window for the natural light to get in. We want to create natural lighting experience in the toilet, that is different from the lighting that exists nowadays.

Explain More?

The final concept we draw is a ‘window lighting’ with natural ‘day and night’ light.  We also want to create the natural interaction between users and product; in which the light comes in when user open the window.

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