Week 3.7: Iteration 3 – Nutcracking


Today we started with an interesting lecture about 3D modeling
by Bram de Smit, during his lecture he informed us about several ways to make a
3D model (for example: milling, printing, etc.) We have to keep all these
possibilities in mind for making our final prototype. We also received some
feedback of Walter Aprile and Wei Liu, the main thing we learned from them was
that we had to start design by making, not by discussing over and over again. Therefore
we started with updating Chengfei, who is back from Milan, and we (although we
were not allowed to) started with a brainstorm. We made decisions about what we
were going to improve to our ‘Groove’ to make it more Philips Lirio. We found information
about lines and art (see picture), and we started to redesign the Groove by
changing the components.

Week 3.6: Iteration 3 – Nutcracking

Visit to Philips in Kontich (Antwerp)

This week we were invited by Philips to take a look at
their lightning department in Kontich (Belgium). After a trip of 1,5 hours in
the bus, we arrived at the amazing big and yellow building of  Philips, where Jo Declerq was waiting for us
with a full program for the afternoon. After a short coffee break, we started
with a tour through the company (design, model making department and decision
making department). Then we had a presentation of two technical experts about
the technical possibilities with the multiple colored LED (living colors),
which was very interesting and useful for the further development of our
design. We ended the day with a guided tour through the showroom (which was a big
labyrinth), where we could get an overview of the whole portfolio of Philips
Lightning (with ESEO and LIRIO). We were not able to photograph all the
products we saw (because there were also concepts that still needed to be
discussed by the marketing and the design department). This is also the reasons
that I cannot describe everything of this trip in detail, because a lot of information
was confidential.

Week 3.4: Ideageneration

In our first week we received our design brief, in which Philips asked us to design something that fits into the portfolio of Lirio. Lirio is the design brand of Philips, which has a more luxurious and sustainable image. This assignment brings advantages and disadvantages. We have less restriction in our design; because we have more money to spend on the final product (manufacturing costs can be higher than ‘normal’). In front of that is that the product must be of a high quality, with luxurious looks and contains high tech components (high power LED).

With all this information we did a small brainstorm with the whole group to inspire each other. After we did that we went to the city centre of Delft to look for products of Philips Lirio and his competitors. Unfortunately we were not allowed to make pictures inside the stores. The stores ‘Van Waay en Soetekouw’ and ‘Ideaal Wonen’ were very valuable for our impression of the market; what is already available on the field of lamps, and what is the offer of the products with LED lamps. The conclusions we can make after visiting this shops is that there is still a world to discover for the LED. We only saw one lamp which used LED. After asking the shop manager why this offer is that schaars, he said that the technology is still a little bit unknown by people, and the light that a LED makes is still cold and not cosy.

After that we visited the shops we went to the library in the centre to look into life style magazines, and to discover how modern interiors look like nowadays, what are the issues that interest our target group, etc. This whole afternoon was very inspiring to us, and we want to make a collage out of all the results we found to illustrate the sphere that we want to give our design for Philips Lirio.

Technology+Brainstorm=New interaction vision! [week 3.7]


This week, based on the new analysis of EXACT, we try to search for more technologies which can push and improve our ideas. 

We came up with many ideas and saw several inspiring technologies. However, we haven’t got a satisfying concept and a matching technology. And what we got so far is a little bit fuzzy, we are now a kind of stuck!

Well, in order to clear up and fresh our mind, we decided to reformulate a clear interaction vision to prepare for next week work.

The new interaction vision is: Be a family! 

Inspired by excursion! [week 3.6]


After the excursion to EXACT building, we now have a better understanding of what EXACT want and what we can do for them. Being there help us to figure out how our idea can fit the environment there. 

Thus, during this week, we made a short analysis of EXACT again. We strive for inspiration!


Hey, what’s in your pocket? [week 3.5]


Our first idea for EXACT is to let people use their daily objects to play with each other on coffee tables. This interaction will happen naturally and stimulate them to start talking.

Here is the video of the presentation, check them out for details! 

[object:flash:http://www.youtube.com/v/-iVt_sf9yyM width:425px height:344px]

and the discussion part.

[object:flash:http://www.youtube.com/v/mCx0m04yeNo width:425px height:344px]